Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer Assistant for Weekly Swim Time

Do you enjoy helping others AND being in the water? We have a need for a volunteer to assist a consumer with her swimming routine for about 2 hours one day a week. You would be joining the current personal assistant who is blind, so a sighted volunteer would be a helpful addition to the team! Interested? Please contact Tina, 785-615-8373 for details

  • Volunteer Peer Counselor

Individuals with disabilities who have gained knowledge and coping skills assist others in coping with their disability-related experiences. Trained volunteer counselors provide information, resource referral, emotional support and training. If you wish to become a Volunteer Peer Counselor, or for more information, call or email Ranita Wilks at 841-0333, ext. 115, or rwilks@independenceinc.org.

  • Independence, Inc. Board of Directors

We are seeking committed board members who will serve a three-year term. The board meets the second Monday of every month at 5:30pm. Individuals must be willing to participate in Independence, Inc. activities, portray Independence, Inc. in a positive manner, and contribute to our mission and vision in the community. Individuals with disabilities are welcome. If you wish to become a board member, or for more information, call or email Bob Mikesic at 841-0333, ext. 107, or Jill Enyart at ext. 104.


To see a full list of opportunities, please visit our United Way page.