One of our Youth Employment Program (YEP) participants is now gainfully employed at Hy-Vee! Congratulations, Tia Barta!  

We asked Tia:


II:  What did you like most about your YEP experience?

TB:  I liked how friendly everyone was and how much they were willing to help.

II:  How has your life changed since you were in the program?

TB:  I have a nice job and I have made some very nice friends from it.

II:  What did you learn from Ranita?

TB:  That even if you don't get the outcome you needed or wanted, you still tried your best and that's all that counts.

II:  What are you learning at Hy-Vee?

TB:  I'm learning how to handle all types of people and situations that happen.

II:  What would you say to someone else that is considering joining YEP to encourage them to go for it?

TB:  They were so much help and everyone was nice and friendly.  I would tell anyone who could to go for it.


Our Youth Employment Program matches youth 15-21 years old with members of the business community for job skill development. We serve as the temporary employment agency and pay all the wages, employee taxes, and worker's compensation insurance for the youth.  In return, Lawrence businesses provide the opportunity for our young people to gain valuable experience necessary for future employment goals.  

Do you know anyone interested in sponsoring our program, or being one of our participating employers?  If so, please contact Ranita at 785-841-0333 ext. 115 or email